Our Story

Pratapgarh Collective label brings a range of artisanal honey, bee-to-bottle raw flower organic honey.

We are working towards bringing you nature’s best blend in a bottle. Our raw flower honey comes from a single source of nectar visited by the bees. The unique flavour of the honey strictly comes from the pollen of the flowers. Our artisanal honey allows you to soak in all the goodness of honey like it’s proteins, enzymens, vitamins and minerals in its rawest form.

Our honey nurturing depends on the season as to when the flowers bloom and the honey is harvested accordingly, making every batch so special.

We believe honey should be relished in its freshest form, hence our honey has no added flavour, and is never over heated or over processed.

How We Nurture Our Honey

Imagine tasting honey as it exists from the beehive? That’s our motto at Pratapgarh Collective.

At Pratapgarh Collective, we are able to work collaboratively with the farmers and beekeepers from the city of Pratapgarh in UP. With no dearth of trees like Jamun, Mango, Lychee, Neem along with heavy growth of other plantation like Mustard, Multiflower, Tulsi; our beekeepers ensure that beehives are strategically placed for the bees to work on and get the Honeycomb ready.

Honeycomb is mostly about beeswax and raw honey. However, beeswax doesn’t have much of the nutritive value, except for the hints of vitamin A. Raw honey inside the cells of honeycomb is very nutritious. It contains vitamins, pollen, antioxidants, and enzymes. We collect Raw Honey, in the most unadulterated form, and ensure there is no overprocessing and heating of the honey.

We are dedicated to bringing honey in the freshest form, filtered straight from the source to the bottle.

Our Roots

Belonging to the royal family of Pratapgarh (Uttar Pradesh), Mriganka Kumari started Pratapgarh Collective in 2017.

Mriganka strongly felt that the old age ancestral recipes, traditions and the way of life in Pratapgarh really need to be cherished and shared with the rest of the world.

Pratapgarh Collective makes a conscious effort of educating the farmers and creating awareness and giving back to the people of Pratapgarh in their own little way. Their social initiative named Abhay Shakti foundation in memory of late raja Abhay Pratap Singh of Pratapgarh works for the betterment of health, environment, education and women empowerment in Pratapgarh.

Pratapgarh Collective is pleased to introduce its range of bee-to-bottle raw flower, organic honey.

Here’s to bringing you nature’s sweetest form.