Ayurveda strongly suggests to eat pickles and fermented foods in strict moderation as condiments.

The sour taste in this pickle sparks the agni (digestive fire), enhances appetite, and promotes digestion.

It’s helpful to include these healthy condiments during this winter season as the spices used have a warming effect on the body and the best part of it is that the pratapgarh collective pickles are oil free with no added preservatives straight from our orchards to your table.

. No oil

. No added preservatives

. Homemade oil free mango Pickles from the kitchen of Pratapgarh.

.Mangoes picked from the orchards in Pratapgarh.

. 200gm



India is the land of Mangoes and Pratapgarh is strategically placed in the gangetic plains which makes it a rich agrarian belt and is also famous for its mangoes. This juicy fruit, rightly called the ‘king of fruit’ has some 1500 varieties growing in India. Each variety has a distinct taste, shape and colour. The desi or the indigenous variety of mango has no name but is very popular for its suitability in making pickles as it is devoid of fibres and the juice is tastier.

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