Pratapgarh Collective proudly introduces it’s range of seasoned artisanal Himalayan salts
“ZAIKA”.Our Himalayan salt is sourced from the villages of Uttarakhand and the seasoning has been extensively curated from the secret royal recipe’s from the pratapgarh kitchen to make this range made with alot of labour and love.

Pratapgarh Collective believes the secret to happiness is variety,but the secret of variety,like the secret of any good seasoning ,is knowing when to use it.
Use our seasoning for flavouring rather than adding excess oil,sauces and fats.
Our natural flavouring is not only calorie-free but also enhances the flavours and is rich in minerals, antioxidants and aids in boosting your metabolism.Himalayan salt is known for controlling your blood pressure and improves your health overall.
Pratapgarh Collective believes in the magic of preparation.You can elevate the flavouring in any cuisine.It is just a matter of opening your mind and a palette to new flavours.

With our new range, turn any dish into a culinary masterpiece as we believe if you spice and season any dish with love,it pleases every palate.

1) mustard
2) flaxseed & hemp
3) mint & garlic

A box of 3 flavours
-Flaxseed and Hemp
-Mint and Garlic




A box of 3 flavours -Mustard -Flaxseed and Hemp -Mint and Garlic Price-850/

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